Thursday, 21 August 2014

Day 11 (91 miles)

 The mood was sad as we left Switzerland and went across another boarder into France. This was quite possibly the most interesting part of today! Other than this we followed the Rhine up from Basel to Strasbourg. This was exciting for the first hour as we absolutely smashed it along straight, flat roads. But this did grow exceptionally boring, after a few hours. There wasn’t even any navigation to entertain us; we were on the same road nearly all day. Luckily the day was so flat and the wind so minimal that we were able to pound out the miles with a bit more ease than we were in the Alps!

Many a song was sung and a game of eye-spy played, in unsuccessful efforts to make it all a bit more exciting. However as we approached lunchtime we came across the biggest obstacle of the day. This obstacle was hunger. It grew unbearable! Fred and Jack were cycling and on the lookout for Arch in the support car. The long and the short of it is that we had a mix up and we went different ways. Arch had apparently stopped in a beautiful spot for lunch, overlooking the majestic Rhine River with huge barges going by. But this was not on the route the cyclists had gone on, so that spot was abandoned. The support car moving, as it should, in support of the riders!

After lunch we battled on and made our way into the GERMAN side of Strasbourg in good time.  It is always nice not to have to rush things too much in the evening. We are aiming to do a long day to Metz tomorrow, so a huge plate of pasta is being served up now to fuel us on….

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