Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Waiting for a hearse...

Last night proved to be rather wet and in many ways didn’t really go to plan. Having started cooking the pasta, in heavy rain I might add, the gas ran out. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem given that we have 20 of them with us. But, these 20 gas canisters were all in the Hearse which (and still is) in a garage 3 km away. So Jack nobly set off on his bike in the rain to get some more. In keeping with the theme of the night, the hearse was locked away in the workshop so his trip was in vain.  As we were all after hot food we went to the Campsites restaurant to get something to eat. Obviously being on a budget we went for the cheapest meals available. Bad call... Fred ended up with 1 sausage and a few slices of bread, Jack with the smallest toastie ever seen and Archie with 7 chicken nuggets and a single lettuce leaf. This did not help the mood in camp!

Today, we had a chilled morning with a bit of a lie in. Then sorted some stuff out around camp, sent a few emails, sorted our kit out etc. Jack and Archie then went to check on the Hearse and pick up some more gas. She was being worked on while we arrived and the mechanics kindly gave us a tour of the problems. We were shown all the rusted and bent bits that had been taken out of her already. They did not look in great shape. We left having given the mechanics a coke each, in a cunning plan to speed up their work. Hopefully she will be fixed in 2 more days. Fingers crossed!

In the afternoon we all went on a cycle to keep the legs ticking over and as a bit of a trial run to see how successfully we could use the maps we had.  It ended up being a fantastic ride, with an awesome climb up an Alp. The views at the top were simply stunning and made the hard, long climb worth it.

Yet again, pasta is on the menu for supper...


  1. Glad to hear the weather cleared so you had great views at the top of your climb and excellent that the ride was a success. Tough to have such small suppers and hope last night was better even if it was pasta again! Hope you are picking up some Swiss German vocab?! for those who mastered swahili sign language should be a doddle! All the best with the repairs, The Hamiltons

  2. Hope the tent is keeping the rain out and the Hearse is back on the road soon. Your adventure is like a mixture of Top Gear and the Tour de France.