Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 2 – 101 Miles

Hello to those magnificent few that have ventured onto this page, to take the time out of your day to experience part of ours. Its Freddie speaking, and this will be my first blog post to have graced your presence since we departed from good old Chibolton Cottage those 13 days ago. Now, I know what your thinking. Why has it taken me so long to put fingers to keyboard and words to screen? Well really it’s because I lack the literacy talent of my fellow compatriots. With Jack’s natural fluency and Archie’s intricate grammar, I have been somewhat put off taking the stage and showing you fantastic people what I have to offer. But fear not, I am here now and am ready to take the reins and show the world why I should never have a blog of my own!!

My story begins at 6:25 with the beep beep, beep beep, of an alarm. Yes the start of a new days beckons. As I open my sleepy eyes and stretch out my weary legs, I am digging deep for that inner strength to make the push and release my self from this tunnel of warmth. Now by this point its around 6:30 and Archie is already 4 minutes into his shower and probably on his way back any second to tell Jack and I that we are really lazy and need to get our fat asses out of bed and start doing something productive. This thought is not only a little scary but also a bit unnerving and is enough to send me on my way to the shower. Jack however has given the thought two fingers and is grasping every second as if it were his last.
On the way back from giving my privates and wash and making sure my teeth are as white as Jacks skin I see the man himself just making his way to the shower. No mutual hello is made and I can tell he has experienced from Archie what I explained earlier, and I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him. None the less there are tents to take down and things to be packed away so I stride on and help Archie with what little remains to be packed away.
It has come to the point to try and help give you an insight in to the first obstacle of the day we must all overcome. Porridge. I could smell it on the way back form the shower and it sent a shiver pulsating down my spine, knowing what horrors wait for me. Its gloopy texture, its despicable look and worst of all its taste are a mountain of its own to climb. With each mouthful my eyes squint with distaste and the only thing pushing me on is knowing that every porridge oat is a valuable calorie I so desperately need.
So you’re probably feeling a bit sorry for us at this point, and you should, its not very nice. But I shall stop boring you with our pre cycle routine and move onto the hard-core stuff. The peddling!
It was myself and Jack who would be unleashed onto the road to take on the mighty Italian potholes and crazy drivers. As our bikes cut through the air like arrows en route to their target I hear a loud cry of ‘F%$k’ pierce my eardrums. I screech to a halt, my brakes dissipating heat, and turn as Jack pulls up along side of me. ‘I swallowed a bee and it bloody stung me’ comes bellowing out of his mouth. I stare at him with a blank expression. Then though clenched lips I cant help be let out a little squeal of laughter and in no time at all I am in full flow. Laughing until my lungs are torn. Jack tells me he is ok and that he will man up and carry on. So off we set, our legs propelling us forward, up the hills to meet up for our first water refill.
As lunch came I had be riding for 5 hours and was very tired and even more grumpy. However we had reached our target for the day in Siena and it was only 12:30 so an executive decision was taken to push on and turn 3 days into 2. It was my turn to drive dear old Hearsy and endure the heat that surged out the engine. And thankfully so, as Jack and Archie faced an afternoon of hill after hill after hill after hill aft… You get the point. It was brutal! As they were taking on one of the mighty beasts I drove past them with a huge smile on my face, knowing that I wouldn’t be killing myself trying to get up this hill but rather killing Hearsey instead. After their Herculean effort I was waiting for them with a protein shake and the good news that there was a pool. And it was free!! So they stripped themselves of their lycra and wrestled into their trunks it was full steam ahead to the refreshing blue waters.

After a delightful bowl of pasta it was time for bed. As my head hit the pillow, my eyes lids closed and darkness took me under his wing shut me down for the night.  

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  1. Firstly well done Freddie for proving you can infact write rather well!! You are doing so incredibly well and we are so proud of you all. Sorry the porridge is so early on being hard to swallow, there is a lot there to get through. I would also allow yourselves to vary your breakfast to. Your just giving page has disappeared, It is not there anymore?? I have a couple of people who would like to sponsor you. Keep peddling. Lots of love Belinda xx