Friday, 15 August 2014

Day 6 - 55 miles

The day started with a hearse escort out of Milan. Our campsite was trapped between two major roads, so navigation onto our route without going on some pretty dangerous roads would have been difficult. Thankfully the hearse was able to led the bikes on a bit of a guided tour of Milan, past the San Siro (a famous football stadium for those of you like Jack who didn't know)  and other impressive buildings.

We then got on a good B road heading north to Como, where for he first time on our trip the 'Rome2Home' peloton was joined by another member. He was a very nice Italian gentleman, who spoke no English. He too said he was heading to Como, so we thought we would follow him. Something must have got lost in translation as h ended up taking us down many side roads and lots of small footpaths. All in the wrong direction. So we hastily left him to continue on our way.

We all had to jump into the hearse for our quick boarder run across to Switzerland, which minor a bit of a jam went smoothly. I think now would be the time for a rant about Italy. It is a very beautiful county and for the most part we enjoyed out time there. However, the roads are just littered with potholes which are lethal for the bikes, and the sign post are just so inaccurate. Our favourite one was heading to Parma. One sign said 93km to Parma, around the next corner it said 120km. A little depressing to say the least. On top of that, Italian drivers can be rather temperamental. The contrast when in Switzerland is staggering. The roads are in great condition, the signs are accurate and easy to follow, the drivers are considerate. I could go on...

Our ride to Lugano went quickly, and we arrived on good time. But we were introduced to Swiss bike riders. They are fast, they are fit and they are much better than us. Yet for some reason we seem to think we are at their level..... and try to race them at every opportunity.

Our campsite is pretty good, with much fewer mosquitoes. Unfortunately it lies only 150m from Lugano airport, right in the flight path.....

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  1. Still chuckling about Jack on the layby being approached by under dressed ladies!! You are doing well boys and you now have the tough bit of the Alps!! At least you will have good roads. What an adventure and you are doing so well. Hope your hand Fred's is better. Look forward to the next instalment, all very entertaining. Love to all xxx