Sunday, 10 August 2014

Rome at last!

An early start followed a rather horrible night  in yet another campsite, where we ended up being dinner for a LOT of mosquitoes. On a brighter note it was also Jack’s Birthday (we woke him at 5.45 by jumping on him, but then made up for it by giving him a 1 Euro Birthday cake and a bottle of Champagne. We then started our final push for Rome.

It was very warm, and the poor hearse did not really fancy being flogged for yet another day. So we yet again employed the 2hr on 1 hour off technique to nurse her the final 400 km to Rome.

We arrived in Rome at 3pm to be very kindly welcomed at the British Embassey Residence by the Venn family. We were treated to a swim (made especially good as the air-con is broken in the hearse so we were all a little warm!), a quick check of the car engine by Duncan, a great whistle stop tour of Rome from Briony and a fantastic meal in the evening.  Let’s just say the huge fruit salad went some way to replacing some of the vitamins we haven’t been having over the past 8 days.

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