Saturday, 23 August 2014

Day 13 (85 miles)

After struggling to get out of Metz, but not as much as when we were going in, the rest if the morning went smoothly. Yet again it was rather cold, so windproof coats were the order of the day. It was very much the case of trying to push hard in the morning so that we would gave more time in the evening in the campsites. We passed as planned briefly into Luxembourg, but by accident into Belgium. All good for racking up the countries we have visited along the way. The landscape was like most of our experience in France, very undulating and open.

Our lunch brake was made rather more interesting by various food exchanges with our fellow picnickers. It started with some campers who couldn’t eat all their watermelon, who gave some to us. We too couldn’t finish it, so we passed some onto another set of picnickers. They very kindly gave us some delicious cake in return.

We then plugged on to Douzy, where our campsite was for the night. It was very cheap, only 14 Euros, but you could see why. Some of the facilities were Spartan at best. There was no free Wifi, so we headed into town to find some. The first place we stumbled upon was a rather nice hotel, so we bought 2 cokes between the 3 of us and settled down to drink hem as slowly as possible to maximise connection time. We booked our Eurotunnel ticket, and have ambitiously planned to cut our final 4 days into 2. The plan being to give us a true challenge to finish with. So for those who are interested we will arrive in Winchester on Tuesday 26th August!!! How exciting! Hopefully see some of you there…

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