Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 4 (81 miles)

The dominating theme of today was not hills and wasn’t flats either. These ‘things’ could only be described as the pinnacle of pain. These mountains we’ll call them were just simply massive! Lots of very long steep ones. It was our first mountain range that we had crossed and given that we started from sea level we really felt every meter of ascent serge through our pulsating legs.

Our route took us up through some pelting rain to Pontremoli, and it was relatively gentle (though all uphill to there). It was a very different story after. Jack and Archie set off from Pontremoli expecting more of the same, but how wrong we were. We climbed for a total of 18 miles, continually going up switch backs. We reached a max altitude of 1100 meters, nearly 1/8th of the way up Everest. It was very hard and truly relentless climbing. A fair smattering of showers didn’t help either. By the end we where up in the clouds, and were treated to some glimpses of the wonderful view far far below us.
Thankfully we had to go down after all that climbing, so whizzed into Fornovo Di Tarvo, after a wet lunch cooped up in the hearse.
Jack and Freddie were last up for the final shift of the day. This again was up hill but nothing on what Jack and Archie faced that morning. So we soldiered on to campsite Arizona where the pool awaited and some well earned bananas.

Thank you for reading and I wish you all a very happy day!


  1. Oh boys sounds like HARD work!! Fred's please try and not damage anything else!!! Stay safe my nails are vvv short!! Glad you have swimming pools to cool off in. So how many days ahead are you? Love reading your blog love Belinda x

  2. Crikes! Just caught up with the blog, sounds very tough. Mosquitos, crashes, far too steep hills, too much porridge, and Sargeant Major Hamilton on early morning reveille!! Hope you can give your legs a rest sometime and no more crashes please. All the best from the Hamilton gang

  3. Great to read your blogs from the comfort of a chair and without having to taste the porridge or pedal the miles! Well done to you all. Best of luck and watch out for those red lights. Gavin

  4. Well done boys you're doing brilliantly

  5. Well done boyswe are full of admiration for you, through all your falls and scrapes and all the pasta and terrible Italian driving it will all be worth it